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Founded by Stephen C. Crowe and Robert H. Welch II, our law firm has a long and rich tradition in the Milford community that dates back to 1977. Our Ohio law firm serves the Miami Township area. Call us to schedule a consultation at 513-831-8511.

Our Practice Areas

Our Miami Township, Ohio attorneys help with the following matters:

Family Law / Domestic Relations / Divorce - Miami Township, OH

"Family Law encompasses many aspects of law that can have a significant impact on the home and family life. For those who are contemplating divorce or struggling with custody disputes, it can be an emotionally difficult period that requires a delicate balance to protect your interests and to consider the needs your children now and into the future..."

Ohio Adoption / Guardianship

"A guardian is a person who is appointed by the court as a representative to make decisions on behalf of a person who is found to be incapacitated. The guardian may also be appointed to control the finances and property of the incapacitated person..."

Filing Bankruptcy in Miami Township, Ohio

"We handle all bankruptcy matters ranging from pre-bankruptcy consultation to the dissolution and reorganization of businesses and corporations..."

Estate Planning in Ohio

"Planning for the disposition of an estate is an exciting and challenging time, as one endeavors to pass on to others the fruits of a lifetime of dedicated effort and hard work..."

Real Estate Lawyers in Miami Township, OH

"Our attorneys can work with you to structure the real estate transaction to meet your goals and budget and draft sound documents that will protect your rights and interests. We work with clients in drafting warranty and quit claim deeds..."

Ohio Criminal/Traffic Defense

"A citation, arrest, or criminal conviction can have a significant impact on your freedom, employment, finances, and future. There is too much at stake for you to attempt to navigate the system alone.."

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Our years of practice have taught us the value of reputation. We take great pride in knowing that our clients walk away with a sense of satisfaction and resolve and that they are eager to recommend our firm to their friends and family. Call us at 513-831-8511 to schedule a consultation.