The bankruptcy practice of Crowe & Welch includes representation of individuals, families, self employed persons, businesses, LLC's, corporations and farmers in virtually every aspect of bankruptcy law. We handle all bankruptcy matters ranging from pre-bankruptcy consultation and planning to the case filing, reaffirmation and redemptions, post filing motions and plan modifications.

For Individuals and families our attorneys have successfully filed Chapter 13 repayment plans to save a home from foreclosure, prevent a repossession, and stop garnishments; or obtain a fresh start under Chapter 7 while keeping major assests by employing the exemption laws within applicable limits. For the small business, self employed persons and corporations as debtors as well as creditors we provide representation in Chapter 11 cases. For our farming community we have extensive experience with Chapter 12 farm reorganizations.

We also provide representation in bankruptcy litigation, including:

  • Parties that are sued or threatened to be sued for recovery of alleged preferences and fraudulent transfers.
  • Dischargeability of debts, including those imposed by a Decree of Divorce, Separation Agreement, Court Orders, or judgements.

  • Application of the automatic stay.

  • Disputes arising from the purchase or sale of assets.

  • Issues involving use of a lender’s cash collateral.

  • State law business disputes arising in bankruptcy court.

Schedule a consultation today, and let our legal experience achieve relief for you, your family, your business, your farm, and your financial well-being.