Estate Planning

Planning for the disposition of an estate is an exciting and challenging time, as one endeavors to pass on to others the fruits of a lifetime of dedicated effort and hard work. At Crowe & Welch, our attorneys enjoy the challenge of working with clients to effectively and seamlessly achieve their goals. There are a variety of legal tools at a client’s disposal, and our attorneys will counsel clients on the best strategies for realizing their individual objectives.

Our attorneys can help you explore the myriad legal instruments that are available to help protect your assets, ensure your personal and financial wellbeing throughout the remaining years of life, and facilitate the disposition of your estate upon death. Contact one of our qualified estate planning professionals and ask about the following options:

  • Inter vivos trust
  • Power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Special and supplemental needs trusts
  • Right of survivorship

Whether you are approaching the later years in life or just starting out, our attorneys would be happy to meet with you and discuss a planful approach to help you prepare for the orderly disposition of your assets and estate. Contact our office today.