Construction Law

At Crowe & Welch, we represent small to medium sized subcontractors, general contractors, and commercial and residential owners in all phases of commercial construction projects. We also represent homeowner groups, owners, and private individuals in the full range of contract matters unique to home improvement, home renovation, and other residential construction projects. In all cases, we encourage clients to come to us early in the planning phase, long before work on their home has begun, to avoid the legal pitfalls encountered by those who proceed without professional assistance.

We assist clients in all phases of the construction process including, pre-contract negotiations, drafting of construction contracts, analysis and submission of warranty claims, and construction work-outs for troubled projects. Our attorneys have extensive experience in "all things" construction and the process of construction, providing our clients with construction-specific services including:

  • Project Support.
    We provide legal resources and practical construction-specific advice early on so that homeowners can avoid the well-known legal pitfalls encountered by those who attempt residential construction without professional guidance. We counsel individuals who are considering, or in the process of, new home construction, home modifications, and renovations. We offer practical project and legal advice from design through final build-out.

  • Avoidance & Resolution of Disputes.
    The most effective way to avoid disputes and disruptions to the construction process is to seek legal advice early, before the issue arises. We work with contractors in drafting and reviewing contracts, analyzing the fine details of the project to avoid disputes later on. When disagreements and problems do arise, we have the experience to represent clients in matters such as analysis and submission of change order claims, delay damage and disruption claims, claims arising from design defects and defective plans and specifications, non-payment claims, claims relating to extra work and lost profits, change order management, construction documentation and claims preparation, contract interpretation, and time and acceleration issues.

  • Contract Formation.
    We assist clients with contract definition, formation, and negotiation. We emphasize plain English level playing field contracts. Our goal is to create a document understood by everyone in clear grammatically correct plain English. The level playing field goal is important because we recognize that contracts tilted in favor of either party are most likely to produce disputes. We are comprehensive in our analysis and drafting of contracts, carefully analyzing the project, examining the potential pitfalls and roadblocks, and ensuring that potential problems are provided for in the terms of the contract.

  • Mechanic’s Liens.
    Mechanic’s liens are tools often used by general contractors, subcontractors, and, in some jurisdictions, sub-subcontractors to secure payment for labor or materials supplied. Mechanic’s liens affect the rights of homeowners in real property and, in some instances, may even force the sale of a homeowner’s home. Whether you are a homeowner defending a construction dispute claim, including a mechanic’s lien, or a contractor seeking to secure payment by filing a mechanic’s lien, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to achieve a successful outcome.

With decades of combined experience, our attorneys have the skill and ability to handle even the most difficult and complex construction issues in a professional and competent manner. We work closely with our clients to help them in successfully completing their construction projects. Contact us today, and let our knowledge and experience work for you.